Fight pornography as a healing church.

Together, we are the Church. James 5:16 tells us we need one another as part of God’s healing plan. But pornography isolates and sin is often hidden. It’s not enough to say the local church has a hidden porn problem; church leaders need a primer to help people live in freedom. 

Misunderstanding clouds how pornography impacts Christians and the Church.

The Healing Church cuts through the confusion. 

  • Discern how porn undermines ministry in your church.
  • Understand how porn affects men and women differently and how to help them.    
  • Discover how generations of Christians are becoming more comfortable with porn.    
  • Learn why sex isn’t the real problem in pornography.
  • Find out how to effectively deal with pornography while spending less time counseling.

Pornography impacts your church too.

The Church has a choice. It can ignore the problems of pornography because they are too unseemly. It can chastise, rebuke, and cast out, which sends more people into hiding. Or it can lead people through a grace-filled process to the foot of the cross, where strongholds are crushed and where stronger servants arise. 

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Max Lucado    |    American Association of Christian Counselors    |    Focus on the Family

Endorsements for The Healing Church

I just completed my first reading of The Healing Church, and I want to:

  1. ) read it again,
  2. ) share it with friends,
  3. ) thank Sam Black for his hard work,
  4. ) and thank God for this desperately needed tool.

If you are looking for a book that heaps shame upon the porn-struggler, look elsewhere. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a book that soberly assesses the porn pandemic and then offers practical help, you’ve got the right volume. Porn is contaminating our generation. Yet, empowered by the grace of God and the careful counsel of people like Sam, there is hope. I urgently recommend this book.

Max Lucado

best-selling author, speaker, and pastor at Oak Hills Church in San Antonio, TX

In The Healing Church, Sam Black challenges churches to take vital steps in growing their understanding of the effects of pornography addiction, its impact on the pews, and a roadmap to help people find tangible hope and true healing. He and the team at Covenant Eyes are leading the way.

Tim Clinton, Ed.D.

president of American Association of Christian Counselors, co-host at Dr. James Dobson’s Family Talk, and executive director, Liberty University Global Center for Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery

Pastors and church leaders have the God-given and unique privilege to speak into the intimate and painful areas of sexual sin and shame in congregants’ lives. This sacred touchpoint must not only be handled with genuine care, but with a sensitivity and competency that avoids causing further harm. The Healing Church helps us be a healing rather than harming church. 

Geremy F. Keeton, M.MFT, LMFT

senior director of Counseling Services at Focus on the Family

There is a lot of hand-wringing these days when the subject of pornography comes up, and understandably so. Social mores are crumbling all around us. Sexual exploitation is rampant, and families are buckling and breaking under the corrosive influence of porn. The situation is dire, to be sure, but it is also pregnant with possibilities. For many years I have been waiting and praying for someone—someone with more credibility than I—to awaken the Church to the phenomenal opportunities presented by the porn pandemic. Sam Black’s newest book, The Healing Church, is the one we’ve been waiting for. More than an exercise in biblical theology or abstract theory, this book is personal and practical, wide-ranging yet focused, reverent but fearless. Sam does not mince words in describing the nature and scope of the challenge, but he is not discouraged. With example after real-life example, he shows how a new generation of Christian leaders and porn survivors is bringing the healing power of the gospel to a lonely, desperate world. 

Nate Larkin

founder of the Samson Society

Every churchis in a war with porn; the problem is many aren’t aware to what degree, who the casualties are, and how to go on the offensive. To that end, Sam Black wroteThe Healing Churchon winning the war against porn. Pastors, leaders, and strugglers alike will find this eye-opening with new statistics, heart-gripping with stories of change, and potent with a curated arsenal of practical next steps and resources for victory over this epidemic enemy.This should be standard issue for every pastor and para-church leader. 

John Elmore

teaching pastor of Watermark Community Church in Dallas, TX, author of Freedom Starts Today: Overcoming Struggles and Addictions One Day at a Time

The Healing Church breaks up powerful myths that have kept churches from ministering effectively to men and women trapped in an addictive cycle. Sam has done his research and presents a bio-psycho-social and spiritual viewpoint on how to minister to those suffering with unwanted sexual behaviors around pornography. This book understands that healing and growth are a process not separate from discipleship. Sam Black has proved something fresh for those looking for answers to a critical discipleship issue. 

Jack West

pastor of Care & Recovery at Mariners Church

Thank God for this ultra-practical book by Sam Black—fresh, honest, relevant—a “how to” book packed with wisdom to help us help others. 

June Hunt

chief servant leader, Hope for the Heart

As a former pornography addict and a person, who helps men and women defeated by pornography, The Healing Church is a Godsend! For those being defeated by pornography this book is a compassionate and healing tool to get you unstuck so you can experience freedom from porn. It’s an incredible, biblical, comprehensive, sensitive resource that pastors MUST read and implement in their churches. Sam courageously includes that women also battle with pornography. The more I read this book, the more I knew that we have got to get this book in the hands of nearly everyone because of epidemic of pornography.  

Dr. Clarence Shuler

President/CEO of BLR: Building Lasting Relationships and author of Finding Hope in a Dark Place

Many pastors and church leaders who truly want to see the gospel of Christ transform people’s lives are living under a fog of ignorance and fear when it comes to the issue of porn and other forms of sexual sin. The Healing Church is a well-researched, yet accessible resource that lifts the fog and provides wise guidance and practical ideas to empower leaders to effectively minister to anyone who wants freedom from porn and its toxic influence. I recommend that every church make this book available in their library. 

Jonathan Daugherty

founder of Be Broken Ministries

The Healing Church is a powerful field guide for churches to address the issue of pornography extensively and with grace. From the beginning pages, it is clear Sam’s heart is for true healing to take place not on platforms and stages but in the day-to-day life of the local church community. He speaks from years of experience in this field to discuss the draw of pornography, the deadliness of shame, and how these things can sicken Christian marriages and ministry. This is a powerful toolkit for churches to minister to and care for people. It is filled with stories of life change and practical tools for how we, as a church, can disinfect from shame and become a place where true healing and growth can occur. 

Jessica Harris

author of Beggar’s Daughter, blogger, and speaker

Sam Black is not rehashing the same old “Don’t do it . . . God hates that . . . Jesus is watching you” type of message. In this refreshing book, Sam provides a comprehensive look at why people return to porn and their unwanted sexual behavior again and again (even though they want to stop). Thankfully, God has provided the Holy Spirit and the Church to guide us along the path to freedom. Rather than another “Sermon on Purity,” this book will help you understand the nature of porn and how to overcome the power of this complex problem.  

Joe Kelty

former men’s pastor at McLean Bible Church, chaplain at Good News Jail Ministry

Learn how pastors are doing less while their local church bodies are doing more.

About the Author of The Healing Church

Sam Black serves as the Director of Life Change Education for Covenant Eyes. Having walked his own grace-filled journey to healing with the support of allies, Sam is passionate about helping people live free from pornography.

Sam worked as a journalist for eighteen years before joining the Covenant Eyes team in 2007. He has edited seventeen books on the impact of pornography and is a frequent speaker at parenting, men’s, and leaders’ events. He is also the author of The Porn Circuit, which reviews the neurological impact of pornography and is available through Covenant Eyes.

Sam has been married since 1995, is the father of two adult children, and currently resides outside of Lansing, MI.

About Covenant Eyes

Over 20 years ago, Covenant Eyes began with the belief that relationships hold the key to overcoming temptation. Covenant Eyes serves churches by equipping them with tools and educational resources to help people overcome pornography. To that end, Covenant Eyes pioneered the concepts of internet accountability and then Screen Accountability, using state of the art AI to help people who want to be accountable online.

In addition to accountability software, Covenant Eyes has dedicated itself to producing resources for training and equipping the Church. After years of producing educational materials, The Healing Church finally codifies these in a single book for church leaders.

Begin the healing journey today.

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