Bruce’s Testimony of Cancers healed.

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Testimony of Justin’s salvation, March 2011

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These are the testimonials of several members of our congregation. They were recorded during the service on May 23, 2010. They all speak of God’s love and grace for his people, listen to them and hear how lives have been made whole for these people. What He did for them He can and will do for you.

Members of the congregation, May 2010.

Listen to the first report back from the team that went to Equador with Roger & Nancy Rinker

Equador missions Team, October, 2009

These are the testimonials of two members of our congregation. They were recorded during the service on August 16, 2009. They are examples of God’s promises to his people. They were offered as encouragement after Pastor Tim’s Message “The promises of God are worth waiting for.” Go to our Sermons page to hear it.

Members of the congregation, August, 2009.

“I’d like to share a little bit of something that happened in my life on March 31, 2007. On that night I had a extremely serious heart attack. And through it all, God miraculously did some things that night. The first miracle that He did, as far as I am concerned, is He took me to a woman’s house who is a woman of prayer. As she started to pray over me, the Holy Spirit just descended into the room. So, I continued to pray as the paramedics continued to work on me. Things didn’t look too good but I didn’t focus on myself. I focused on my King, and I just began to tell Him and remind Him who He is… He is my rock, He’s my savior, He’s my fortress, He’s my shield. Soon I ended up in the emergency ward and they started working on me, just as I continued to do the same. Pretty soon I was in the operating room and I need not say that the pain was intense and what they were doing was intense. But, through it I continued to worship my God, my King, and then something happened. But, prior to that happening, I began to recite certain things and one of those things was ‘He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside still waters, His rod and His staff they comfort me and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever’. And I began singing the song ‘Majesty’ and it will always have a special place for me. You see, there are some words in here, such as “I came empty handed but I am alive in Your hands”. And then I left, I guess the monitor stopped, and I went in to the throne room of God. I just want to tell you that it is a place of awesome peace and I also want to tell you that the love He poured out on me when I was there is beyond anything that the oceans can contain.”

Jim Brady 2007

“In February, 1989, I hurt my back while pushing an ambulance that was stuck in the snow in our driveway. After several doctor visits, an x-ray, and an MRI, I dealt with mild to severe back pain for the next 10 years. Work became burdensome rather than pleasant because of the constant pain. Several nights a week I’d lay on a heating pad, along with taking muscle relaxers and prescription pain relievers. Then in January 1999 I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. My Pastor laid hands on my back and prayed for healing. Within 2 weeks the pain was gone! Praise the Lord! Now at my job I can swing a sledge hammer, use a jack hammer, rake stone, shovel dirt, run equipment and just have a merry old time without my back hurting. You probably figured out by now that I’m a construction worker. If the Lord can heal me He can heal you too. All you have to do is accept Him, allow Him, and ask Him. It’s that simple. Sincerely,”

Dave Krause 2007

“How a teenager went on a youth retreat, gave her life to Christ and has never been the same since”