Barbara’s Testimony 3-31-19

How God showed me to ignore the little things.

Bethann’s Testimony 3-31-19.

How the “Hope Healing & Freedom” seminar helped me.

Susan’s Testimony 3-31-19

How a prayer for help was answered.


Hear how the “Hope, Healing & Freedom” seminar helped Annabelle get rid of past baggage.


Elaine shares how God has kept her healthy.

Pastor Jeane

Shares the story of two people’s healing.

Jaime testimony

Jaime was sick ,at home in Allentown, with an inner ear problem but that did not stop his prayer healing a man in Ecuador. Listen to the story of how God uses us when we are obedient to his command.

Elaine receives a miracle

Elaine had her minivan destroyed in an accident, the Lord gave her a miracle. Her only injury was two cracked ribs. Listen to the story.

Bruce testimony. September 9, 2018

Bruce is back from open heart surgery. Listen to his story.

Financial blessings for two ladies.

Two Testimonies of financial help from the Lord.

Working for the Lord. A testimony of Miracles.

Jaime & Annabelle thought they were going on vacation to Florida, but God had a different agenda.